Updating Your Slideshow

You can update many things on your slideshow, the order of the photos, the template and even which photos are shown.

2) Choose the tour you’d like to edit.

3) Once you’ve accessed the tour choose the slideshow option from the tour menu.

On the slideshow page the top section will allow you to choose a different template for the slideshow and adjust how long each image is shown for.

The slideshow images are laid out in a grid allowing you to drag them into the sequence that you’d like the image to appear in.

You can also choose if you would like any image left out of the slideshow.

When an image has the green SHOW shown under it on the slideshow page it will be shown in the slideshow, if you click on that it will change to a red DON’T SHOW and the image will be hidden.

Changing your YouTube Video

The YouTube video is automatically created when a tour is activated and pulls from the images as they appear in your slideshow. It also pulls the information you have listed in your agent account and property information.

If you update your virtual tour information after the video has been created or change the order of the images, you can recreate a new video from your account. When you do this the previous version of your video will be automatically removed from YouTube and you will be provided with links to the new video once it is processed.

Your videos will be uploaded to the Chippewa Valley 4 Sale YouTube Channel. However, if you would like to add them directly to your own YouTube channel, you can simply connect it using the Syndication menu within your account.

You’ll get an e-mail once your video has finished uploading to YouTube. Please keep in mind that video tours are for ACTIVE virtual tours only and will be deleted from YouTube after the property has been marked as Sold or if your virtual tour is deleted. All branded videos will be uploaded as Public and show up in searches.

Once you have all your information updated for the tour and the photos in the order you’d like choose Property Videos from the left side menu.

A screen listing the videos available will come up. On the right side of each listing is a drop down arrow which has an option to Re-create Video. Clicking that will start the process to generate a new video.