Order Process

Once you’ve placed your order for a property tour you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your appointment.

If you haven’t ordered a tour before or set up your agent account you can sign up and complete the account at any time. It’s to your benefit to get as much information on your account as you can and you can even sync it up with your social media accounts so once the tour is activated it is automatically posted to them for you.

After the appointment takes place you’ll receive an e-mail letting you know that the tour has been created – at this point it is NOT a live tour.

All tours are created as drafts to ensure agents have time to go in and update the information to their liking and the property is listed within the MLS before the tour is available for the public.

Your Tour

Once you get the e-mail notifying you that your tour is available you can log into the tour dashboard and have access to all of the images and tour information.

Before your tour is activated and live you should check the items below to make sure all the information is correct and to your liking because once the tour is activated the YouTube video will be generated and links will be posted to any synced social media accounts.

Check Address

Once the tour is created you have 3 days to make any changes to the property address, after that time it becomes locked and cannot be changed.

Photo Gallery

Your images have been uploaded in to various galleries, you can go through and change the gallery names, the images that are inside the galleries and the order the galleries appear in.


If your tour included 360 images you can go through them and create “hotspots” to point out various features as viewers are moving through the image.

You can also change the name, details and order that the panoramas show up in.


Go through and arrange the slideshow images as you would like them displayed with the tour and tour video as well as turn off any images you would not like shown.

Further slideshow instructions can be found here.

Property Information

Update the information for the property to include at least the basic information such as price, beds/baths and property type. To get the most out of your tour you should add as much information as you can.

You can also provide property information before the tour goes live by using this form, any information you provide before the appointment will be added to the tour for you. Once the tour is created and sent to you you’ll be responsible for adding the information.

Activate Tour

Once you have all of the important details and the photos arranged to your liking you can activate your tour or schedule it to be activated at a specific date.



Add a Sign

You can add a “sign” to your tour to let people know the status of the listing.


Download Images

Within the tour dashboard there is a Download Images link at the bottom of the left side menu. You can download both the full size images and images sized specifically for the MLS.

Start Page

You can choose what page you’d like to display when people first land on the tour site for your property.



If you have a property listed on any of the following real estate websites, your virtual tour can be automatically linked to it once the tour is active.

In order for your listing to be syndicated the following MUST be completed:

Your agent profile has to have the name, email and phone filled in.
Your tour needs to have the price, property type, address, bedrooms, full bathrooms filled in.

Additional Features

While you’re working on your tour don’t forget to check out all of these things that you can utilize.


A brochure is automatically generated with the property info that you’ve provided and the images. You can choose a different brochure template as well as different images for the brochure if you’d like.

Custom Pages

You can create custom pages with your tour to share additional information or features with potential buyers.


You can upload png, jpg, pdf, doc, docx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx files as attachments to your tour.

Traffic Tracking

Analytics are provided to help you track who is visiting your tour and where they’re coming from.

Additional Videos

If there are any additional videos of the property such as an agent walk-through or anything else they can be added here.

Maps & Amenities

You can update the map marker if needed in this section.

Open House

Add an open house schedule to your tour so that people viewing the images can also see when they can visit in person.

QR Codes

Generate a QR code to place on printed marketing materials or signage that will direct potential buyers right to the online tour.

Floor Plans

If you have floor plans for the property they can be added to the tour here.


You have a variety of music options to choose from if you’d like them included for your slideshow and tour.

Social Networks

Once you’ve linked your social media accounts to your profile you can see if anyone has been interacting with your posts.

Send Links or Photos

You can send branded and unbranded tour links and images to anyone you’d like. Send the information to your seller so that they can share as well.