Using the Online Booking Calendar

The way the calendar is setup is to allow you to choose a base package and add things like drone photography on to that. So if you’d like still images of the property choose either the basic still images or the virtual tour option.

From there you can decide if you’d like to add on drone photography or if there are additional trip charges required you’d check those boxes here as well.

To determine if your property is outside the included trip area you can use the map on the ordering page. It will indicate which tier the property falls into and you can check the appropriate box when ordering.

If you’d like to do a 360 virtual tour you can click on that option from the beginning rather than the Basic Stills or Stills Virtual Tour options.

There are also options available from the starting point for drone photography only or a mini stills shoot.

**Please note that the mini stills shoot is designed for an exterior reshoot (seasonal change), a twilight shoot or photographing ONE or possibly two areas of an interior of a home if, for example, a kitchen has been remodeled. This is not an option for photographing an entire interior of a property.



Once you’ve chosen your desired package and the applicable options you’ll see the available times and dates show up for you to choose from.

Then the form will come up asking for name, phone and e-mail, this is for your contact information as the agent and will be used to send out the order confirmation as well as set up an account for you if you’d like.

After you enter in the property address it will also as you how the photographer will be able to access the property as well as give you an area to provide any additional information or instructions. If the property doesn’t show up on google maps correctly or has a unique feature you want photographed this would be the perfect area to note that.

Once you have completed the form and payment information the booking system will ask you if you’d like to create an account (unless you’re already logged in). You do not need to create an account however it’s a good way to keep track of appointments you’ve booked as well as easily cancel or reschedule should the need arise.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after the appointment is booked and if you’ve ordered a virtual tour option it will have a link in it to the virtual tour form.


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