What is a virtual tour?

Our virtual tours are essentially a mini website dedicated specifically to the property. They feature slideshows, property information, the agent’s contact information, all theĀ steps to buying a house, details about the area and even a mortgage calculator.

You can view our virtual tour portfolio here: http://tours.chippewavalley4sale.com

Learn more about the virtual tour features.

How long are files available for?
Virtual tours are hosted for up to 6 months and the files associated with the tour are also available to download during that time. If you need to extend your tour for longer than 6 months there is a $15 fee.

Still photos that are not attached to a virtual tour will have an active download link for 30 days after that point the photos are removed from the online storage and archived. If you need access to the files after the 30 day mark there will be a $10 upload fee.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?
Your appointment can be changed within the booking software up to 24 hours before the scheduled time.

This includes the option to change the time/date of the appointment, cancel the appointment or if need be update the address to use the appointment for a different property.

For example if you’re listing two properties and schedule photos for one then realize it won’t be ready in time you could go back into the appointment and update the address to use the appointment for your other property instead.

If you’d like to cancel your appointment you can do so for a full refund or credit for future use up to 24 hours before the scheduled time. Any appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time may be assessed a $35 cancellation fee.



What about the weather?
Ahh the weather in Wisconsin can always be interesting.

On days where it seems like the weather may be an issue you will be contacted to ask if you’d like to continue with the photography or not.

In the event that the weather may cause issues with equipment the photographer may reschedule the photo shoot and there will be no additional costs to the agent.

Can you take aerial photos anywhere?
Please use common sense and your best judgement when scheduling aerial photos.

Areas that are heavily wooded, have many overhead obstructions or other such issues are not good candidates for aerial photos.

What if the sellers didn't clean up?
It happens from time to time where the house just isn’t ready. We understand that sometimes a piece of furniture needs to be moved or clutter cleared off the table however we expect that when you schedule the appointment the property will be 90% presentable.

If you know the property will not be ready ahead of time then please reschedule the photography appointment.

We reserve the right to charge an additional fee of up to $50 (based on wait time) should we arrive at a property and have to wait for the homeowner for it to become ready. If we arrive at a property that the agent or homeowner is not present and determine that it is not in presentable condition we will attempt to contact the agent and ask if they’d still like the photos. If no one can be contacted the photos will be taken with the property as is unless it is deemed it would be dangerous to do so.

In the event that the photographer arrives at a property that cannot be photographed or the agent is contacted and decides to wait/reschedule appointment a $25 trip fee will be assessed.


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