Creating a Scheduling Account

Currently there is one system that is used for the online scheduling and another system that is used for the virtual tours. Your virtual tour account will be created for you once you order your first virtual tour however the scheduling software does not automatically create an account for you.

You do not need an account within the scheduling software to use it however it is recommended that you have one as it will allow you to look back at all of your past appointments, easily reschedule if you need to, save your payment information and get copies of payments made for your records.

If you’d like to create an account there are 2 ways you can do so….

Option 1: Appointment Confirmation E-mail

1) If you’ve booked photos in the past you would have gotten an appointment confirmation e-mail. Within that e-mail there’s a link that says “View Appointment Details”

2) Once you get to the appointment details screen there will be a button on the right side that says Register for an Account.

Option 2: While Booking an Appointment

If you don’t have any of your appointment confirmation e-mails you can also create an account while booking an appointment. As you complete the scheduling process you’ll see the option to create an account once the appointment is complete.



If you don’t have anything to schedule you can use this link to create a 1 minute free appointment to get through to the create account option:

As shown in the video tutorial if you use the link above to set up an appointment you can then cancel it right away after the account is created.