When you’re thinking about getting your house ready for photos the obvious thought is you need to clean up the inside, but what about the outside?


The exterior is your homes first impression, when people pull up to take a look you want to make sure your house is making a good one.

Tyler from Midwest Power Washing was kind enough to provide some before and after photos of houses that have had the siding and/or roofs cleaned up to show the difference it can make.

Why is this important?

Cleaning away dirt, mold, mildew and other debris from your home can go a long way towards impressing potential buyers and ensuring the best offer for your property.

Not only does cleaning up the exterior of your house show prospective buyers that your home is well maintained it can take can prevent them from assuming that costly repairs would be needed to correct what may have looked like issues with the siding or roof.

According to Tyler most people don’t even realize that cleaning the roof can be an option rather than having to pay for costly shingle replacement or a re-roof.

Don’t forget to pay some attention to your driveway, patio and other walkway areas as well!

If you have questions about the best option to get your property cleaned up this spring check out Midwest Power Washing on Facebook or check out their website: https://powerwashmidwest.com/